Make It! Innovation Design Lab

Become a maker and turn your creative ideas into reality. Designed specifically for teens who are new to making and Arduino coding, this course will introduce you to the endless possibilities of making from home.

Using the Engineering Design Process — the same used by NASA and Apple — you’ll discover how to take an idea from a thought in your head to a physical project totally created by you. You’ll learn Arduino programming, prototyping methods and 3D modeling, and then journey through the Engineering Design Process to build a project of your very own. Family and friends are invited to attend final presentations online and hear more about the learning process directly from participants.

This program is offered through a partnership with The McCarty Innovation Learning Lab (MILL), UW's state-of-the-art makerspace, Housing & Food Services and UW Summer Youth Programs.

Who It’s For

This course is for incoming 9th to 12th graders.


The primary instructors are UW undergraduate students who’ve been trained extensively in the engineering design process and use of the UW makerspace.

Dei Caudle is an instructional technician in the Dabble Lab maker space at the University of Washington. She graduated from the UW with a degree in physics and enjoys applying her knowledge in the makerspace to help students create new and exciting projects. Her favorite project that she made herself was a shopping-list generator that she made for her mom.

More Information

This remote course uses the Canvas learning management system and Zoom video conferencing.  Classes meet in real time and are not recorded. Instructors use a blend of whole group discussion, small group/partner work and individual work time. 

To participate, you should have access to a computer with a high-speed internet connection and a headset and webcam.

See the Policies section for details about registration policies and more.


Jul 6–Jul 16, 2021

Sect. A
9 a.m.–12 p.m.
Refund Deadline
May 25, 2021