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Scenes From Musical Theater for Middle School

Ready, set, action! In this course, you’ll study scenes and songs from musical theater to learn important skills like scene work, choreography, and ensemble and solo singing. We’ll use theater games and improvisation to build your listening skills, empathy and flexibility, and introduce the concept of side coaching. You’ll take a close-up look at various well-known musical theater characters to explore their journey in the story and how they communicate using song and dance. You’ll practice and perform a variety of songs and scenes, with a focus on memorization, role playing, and vocal and physical expression. You’ll also receive one-on-one coaching from the instructors as you work on solo songs and monologues.

Who Should Register 

This course is for incoming sixth to eighth graders.


Terence Kelley and Dora Lanier

More Information

This in-person course is taught on the UW Seattle campus.

See the Policies page for details about registration policies, COVID-19 vaccination requirements and more. 


Aug 8–Aug 19, 2022

1 p.m.–4 p.m.
UW Seattle
Refund Deadline
Jun 29, 2022