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UW Youth & Teen

Enrichment courses for grades 4–12

Keep Learning All Year

UW Youth & Teen Programs is on hiatus for autumn quarter. Winter quarter registration opens on October 3. To be among the first to hear about our winter 2024 courses, sign up for email updates.

The University of Washington’s Youth & Teen Programs offers enrichment opportunities during the school year and summer.   

Explore UW Youth & Teen Programs

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All Courses

We have courses for every interest across many levels of skill. Dive deep into your passion, discover a new interest or get ready for college.

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Elementary School Courses

Unleash your curiosity and banish boredom this summer. Have fun and make new friends who share your interests.

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Middle School Courses

Find a course that sparks your interest to keep learning. Challenge yourself or tap into your creative side.

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High School Courses

From coding in Java or Python to esports and gaming, our courses will appeal to any adventurous high school student.

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Go Beyond the Classroom


Hear how UW Youth & Teen Programs gives students the opportunity to approach projects in creative ways, talk to professionals in various industries and explore career interests.