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UW Youth & Teen Programs


UW Youth & Teen Programs offers engaging courses for students in grades four through 12 who want to keep learning year-round. Our programs reach more than 1,000 students each year on the UW campus and online.

Take an Interesting Course — or Several

Are you dreaming of a future in a STEM or arts field? With an ever-changing roster of offerings, UW Youth & Teen Programs has something for everyone. All our courses are taught by top-notch instructors, including partners such as TechSmart and DebateAble

UW campus

Experience the UW

Get a taste of the college experience. Through some of our in-person summer programs, you’ll have the chance to explore the UW campus, tour UW facilities and interact with UW faculty. 

Keep Learning (Remotely)

UW Youth & Teen Programs also offers remote courses, so you can participate from wherever you live. Engage with students all around the country who share your interests.